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We are an interdisciplinary team of wellness practitioners and doctors that believe in working with our patients on a mind, body and spirit approach towards wholesome and sustainable wellness, rather than simply chasing individual symptoms. We have come together to form a uniquely powerful network of specialists because we believe that the health of our patients is far too important and complex to be approached only from a singular perspective.
Nicole Canada

Functional Medicine & Chiropractic

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We are an interdisciplinary team of wellness practitioners and doctors

Nicole Canada
Functional Medicine & Chiropractic

Dr. Nicole Canada is a 2004 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic who practices traditional chiropractic techniques for a multitude of conditions from pain in the lower back and neck to sciatic pain, headaches, whiplash, TMJ disorder, plantar fasciitis and earaches. Dr. Nicole uses the traditional “Palmer Package” for adjusting her patients. Furthermore, she utilizes the Applied Kinesiology and Activator method of adjusting.

Within the last 5 years of practice, Dr. Nicole has noticed how the general population is not thriving. It is obvious that our American society is becoming sicker with a multitude of diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions. Instead of relying solely on western medicine and pharmaceutical treatments, patients are seeking alternatives to help with these ailments. Dr. Nicole will prescribe a customized treatment plan that includes bioelectrical devices, IV therapy, supplements, herbs, dietary change, European device technology and other treatment modalities to help the patient’s body restore itself to an optimal state of health.

Dr. Nicole also holds a number of certifications. She has received her certification in Acupuncture in 2006 from Cleveland College of Chiropractic. Dr. Nicole has additionally furthered her knowledge by completing her certification in both Functional Medicine and Iridology.

Dr. Canada is the former Vice President of the Nevada Chiropractic Council. In November of 2018, Dr. Canada was appointed by Governor Sandoval for a board position on the Chiropractic Physicians Board of Nevada. Dr. Canada will proudly serve the Chiropractic Physician’s Board of Nevada from 2019 until 2023. In addition to sitting on the Nevada Chiropractic Physicians Board, Dr. Canada is an alternate delegate for the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board(FCLB)and an alternate delegate for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners(NBCE)

Matt Nielsen
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nielsen won many awards during his military service in recognition of his exemplary efforts in innovation, leadership, and psychology practice. To name a few, he won the Air Force Psychologist of the Year Award, Air Force Surgeon General Research Award, and Headquarters of the Air Force Company Grade Officer of the Quarter Award. Nielsen is passionate about helping others improve their quality of life through assessment and therapy. His mission statement is to soften the effects of tragedy and heartache in the lives of others. He is trained in evidenced based treatments for depression, anxiety, and PTSD related disorders. Dr. Nielsen believes that therapy should be focused on developing a toolbox of skills and insights that can be practiced and utilized in everyday life so that you no longer require mental health treatment.

Dr. Nielson is an independent provider from LV Holistic Health.

Dr. Steele
Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Steele is licensed in Nevada as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD) and is nationally board certified in Oriental Medicine (Dipl. OM), which includes the fields of acupuncture, Chinese herbalism, and biomedicine. He is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) and has received certification in functional blood chemistry analysis. He has advanced training in electro-acupuncture medicine, acupoint injection therapy, and functional neurology.

Michelle Bastarache
Nurse Practitioner

Michelle is a native from Las Vegas, NV. She received her Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Nevada State College. She went on to become a pain management and orthopedic surgical nurse, before receiving her Master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner from Simmons University, Boston, MA.

Jillian Stewart
Clinical Director

LV Holistic Health’s Clinical Director, Jillian is a Florida native who moved to Las Vegas in 2015. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is currently earning her master’s degree at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health. Jillian strives to help others nurture their mental, physical, and spiritual wellness through various healing modalities.

Carmen Adams
Advanced Herbalist

Carmen specializes in Medicinal Herbalism. She has a distinct interest in educating patients about topics including but not limited to;

  • Safe Detox and Cleansing Techniques
  • Stroke & Hypertension – Prevention
  • Digestive Wellness
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Fatigue &
  • Senior Wellness Care

To schedule an initial consult or learn more about her services visit or call 702.779.6724

Carmen and Innergy Med Group are an independent provider from LV Holistic Health.

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